My 10% Perspective…

On A Personal Note:

In fall 2018 I wrote a blog about fall and how I was feeling/reacting to the weather decline. I came across some wisdom in this post that I’d shared. It was meant to uplift myself but hopefully it will others too. I spoke so eloquently that I’m surprised it is from me! 😆 I address my perspective of life, situations around me, and how it all affects me/or more how I should let it not affect me.

Valerie Dowdy Art
Sold 2017

I was part of a group artist reception on Sunday. I struggle with social parts of the art world. I was even complaining about that to some of my fellow artists and friends at the event. Today, it occurs to me how my perspective was so negative. But, it turns out that I had an extremely nice and thought filled time. The crowd flowed at a nice smooth pace. People were friendly and engaging. My attitude leading up had and during had sucked. But it turns out, I had to admit that i enjoyed the time with the artists and new people. The show was hung in a professional manner and the spread was above average. So today when I ran across this old post, I felt a pang of disappointment in myself for not approaching the event more open minded. How easily I could’ve let my perspective cause me to miss out. Lesson learned. Let me restate my words for my own benefit and maybe you too:

My View from the car as we drove home
Yesterday (after the art reception)
“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of my perspective. It is more important than facts, past, education, money, circumstances, failures and successes combined. What other people say is not important nor is what they do. We make a choice everyday regarding our perspective. We cannot change the past, and we cannot change other people. But, we are responsible for our own perspective and reaction. Someone said in a meme/quote somewhere, that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how you react to it.”

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Until next time. 
Peace, Valerie