Lets Talk About Farmers Markets, Tag Sales and Baby goats

Let’s talk about Saturday. It was a fun day out exploring my new community.

The day started with a trip into downtown Lynchburg, checking out the farmers & community market. There was a cornucopia of smells, sights, people and sounds! The aroma of coffee and fresh roasting beans, foods of all sorts were being prepared and enjoyed by people all around and tantalized our noses. Mingling with these, were the earthy smells of freshly dug vegetables, and hand picked fruits. Beautiful buckets of fresh cut herbs and flowers perfumed the air (yep, I had to look longingly, but run quickly past these booths). I can think of no other way to describe it other than a sensory overload. It was wonderful. 

As we left the outdoor market area we passed by the central fountain, where water splashed, and you could just hear the music by local musicians. I took in my surroundings, as I watched a community engaged in support of local businesses. And all the whileI was thinking, this is one place you are guaranteed not to leave without all your senses being anything but energized.

Inside was even more to see, smell and hear. Foods of all types, in varying states of preparation surrounded the outer perimeters. Within were sitting areas, crafts and artisans of all sorts. It was here we couldn’t resist stopping for brunch. James enjoyed a forest crepe and I had the beauty featured above. (nutella and banana). Mmm…

We left the market with satiated appetites and headed out in search of a tag sale I had read about, to find a farmers style hutch. We found it and it was calling my name.  
yep, we got it! 
Ain’t she a beaut? 

We made a few furry friends while there. Check out the baby goat who was two hours old. Mr. Rooster and Turkey came by for a quick visit to check us out and 
to see if we had any food to share. 

Last, we were off to visit a few flea markets. we made a couple other finds-two kitchen chairs for $4 

Then we were on our home to enjoy our booty! It was a great day. I do believe I am going to enjoy Lynchburg as our new home. I can’t wait for our next adventure. Hope you will join me for that one as well.

Peace & Happy Sunday,