Last Time, I promise…

…That this is the last time I am going to talk about the Makers Brunch that is on December 15, in the Bower Center For the Arts (Bedford Virginia), from 10-3pm.

Hand & Eco Dyed Silk Scarf created from black walnut leaves and rust mordant $85 (ships free in US through Christmas)

Ha! Not bad…I got all of that in one sentence!

Hand Drawn, Self Published Coloring Books for all ages! Also available sets inc/colored pencils

I have become obsessed with making these bracelets. They are fun, therapeutic, and anything that turns trash to treasure is amazing, right?! They are made from thrift store goodies. I use belts and old costume jewelry. They are unique! You aren’t going to run into lots of other people wearing these vintage pieces.

Trash To Treasure Bracelets that have been repurposed from belts and vintage jewelry-there are lots to choose from!
Hand Painted 4×4 Gallery Wrap Canvas Ornaments-Great for trees or Wall Decor $20 each


I am so ready to dive back into some canvas art work. My poor Madame Coy is patiently waiting on my easel in the studio. I look at her longingly as I gather, organize and inventory things for recent events.

Why do I do these events? I do these events because they are a great way to meet people, connect with communities, and foster future opportunities in the art world. 

More Art:

The Electric Company, in Bedford Virginia is a member run gallery where my work was recently accepted. I have about four pieces on display there currently and will be taking some of my scarves, bracelets and so on after the upcoming show. I am excited to be working with them and hope you will go check the town out and all of the great artistic things going on in town. Here is the link:  The Electric Company Art & More on Facebook I have not gotten to spend a lot of time there yet, but am looking forward to working with this group. Below is one of the pieces on display and currently available for purchase at TEC.

Original Art By Valerie Dowdy Mixed Media-Oil, Acrylic, and Ink

Coming Soon:

Be sure you check back in with me at the beginning of January, I have some big news to share!



You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again.

You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it all your life.

-Joan Miro