Last Day

Today is officially my last day in the downtown location that I have shared with two other artists for the past year. I have been lowering prices today on a large selection of work and will continue to honor those prices for a few more days here in the blog for anyone interested.

These prices will not include newer surreal work. I have sold several pieces of this group and hopefully will continue to sell more with an agreement to allow me to show off their pieces in the final exhibit.

In order to reduce inventory….Please feel free to review any pieces from the “my view from 1502 daily paintings” and contact me for price or availability. As I begin a new direction I will continue to showcase a few available pieces in each new post.

When the dust settles and a new year begins i will be concentrating on painting painting painting. I am looking forward to showing you the latest piece in progress. It is huge! and is going to be a big challenge for me. I hope you will join me as I blog my progress.

Until then attached are images of the reduced work still available.
I can be contacted via email at

Happy New Year!