Labor Day 2013

Greetings Friends and Happy Labor Day,

I apologize for being absent for so long from my blog. It has been very difficult to motivate myself to write and create art the last few months.  

As we turn the calendars to September and fall quickly approaches,  I realize that it was about this very time of the year when I created my view from 1502.  While certainly not enough to go viral, I have met many great people who continue to support and share with me the love of art,  pains of the creative process and effort to keep going. I accept that my written skills may be limited, but I will continue to work at them.  Thank you for hanging around. 

Searching for a manner in which to pick back up writing is difficult.  I am going for the simple and most direct route I can come up with.  (where I left off)  With that said, below are photos. First, the finished piece I began back around fathers day and blogged about. After, you will find a work still in progress. 

While these two pieces share the same technique as my trees; they separate and become distinct by color schemes, which are vibrant and much bolder.  The earlier pieces are watery, soft, pastel, almost whimsical in appearance.  These works are the inspiration and impulse to create from a stronger and more impactful approach.

I hope you enjoy them as well as the others. I would love to hear from you in regards to this series of work.