It’s a good thing….

Progress report on Art: 

Meh, not so much. The tree has come to a stand still. I think I just need to study it a while. I feel like I am close to being where I need to stop.  The painting and I will occupy space together for a bit and we will see how things go, for now. 

Hand-painted and Customized: 
First, I really wish I could come up with a clever name for the facebook page where I advertise the different holiday, special occasion stuff that I am doing. The page is going well and I have a lot of interest happening there. BUT, for the life of me that name #Holidaze is driving me crazy. I changed it to The Paint Room, but I am not sure I am feeling that……I need HELP!!!!  

Saying that, let me follow up with photos of what I am doing post Christmas/New Years holiday rush. Some valentines and birthday gifts coming up…and the emergence of a steady customer who loves to give gifts which are “personal”.  She has been consistently placing orders for wedding gifts, new baby gifts, and so on for a while now. Being able to give these signs makes her happy she tells me, and she gets this great smile whenever she talks to me about them. 

I know some will not or do not want to understand how a simple thing like a snowman with a silly scarf or a tree with hearts and swirling curlicue branches can even be categorized as art. Perhaps they really cannot, by definition. But you know what? Seeing people’s smiles and the photos they like to share with me makes them feel good and and that make me happy a fine with what we are doing. After all, these pieces are not headed to a national gallery of art, they are handmade, personal gifts that someone entrusted me to create for someone special to them or for themselves. That my friends is what Martha Stewart calls, a good thing. 

12 x 24 canvas
Monogram for Nursery
for a little princess who’s daddy loves camo and mama is a diva!

For Lisa and James, their Tree of Love
12 x 24 canvas

Canvas Tote By “Thirty One”
Customization by ©Valerie Dowdy Art 2015
Surreal Tree with yellow Sunset
Doodle Art