Introverts v. Social Distancing

Art Update:

I have been holding on to this image because I was not sure I was finished with the piece. But as I’m struggling to keep up social media posts while being under the weather, I thought I’d share it today. There is something about this piece that really draws me in and i hope it conveys something to you as well.

Valerie Dowdy Art
24×24 inch canvas

On A Personal Note:

Being a current victim of respiratory illness is not new for me, unfortunately. People with Allergic Asthma know all to well how to practice social distance. Have you ever had to ask to be reseated in a restaurant because of perfume/cologne? I have. There are many malls, shops I cannot visit because they burn candles, or insist on diffusers, sprays etc. I’ve also worked with inconsiderate coworkers who insist on spraying themselves and using smelly crap at their desk regardless of any coughing fits and distress it has caused me or others. So I retreated into social distancing long before it was given this hashtag. I am not telling you this to garner pity or come off as a perfume natzi (as I’ve been called before), but because I want to encourage others to not only practice this new consideration for others not only through this covid19 moment, but always. We should all WANT to be this person everyday. Think about how your choices of smells (perfume, fabric softener, hair products…) carry beyond your own person are affecting someone else nearby.


I have seen so many humorous memes, cartoons, and gifs regarding our nations status of #socialdistancing. Even the new hashtag makes me chuckle a bit. Most creative people I know already and regularly practice social distancing as part of our normal creative lives. But I do have friends who I know are struggling with this crimp in their social activity. I’m sharing a couple. I’d love to see some of your favorite memes, funny thoughts.

Today’s Quote

I used to think I was extremely introverted because I really liked being alone but it turns out I just like being at peace with myself and my surroundings & I am extremely extroverted when I’m around people who bring me comfort and happiness. -EnlightenedConsciousness
Until next time. 
Peace, Valerie