Inktober-What Does ~Exhausted~ Look Like?


I jumped in a little late, but I am working on the daily sketching and exercise/challenge for the month of October with Inktober. What is inktober? Check out the link to answer all your questions.

I am a painter normally and I throw in a few other projects here and there to keep things interesting. One thing that has not changed and probably never will is my obsessive doodling. After creating five coloring books over the last five years, not hard to believe right? And, since my shoulder has decided to give me some problems, it looks like I am benched from painting for a bit.

Let’s hope i don’t lose it in the interim…..!!!??

What does exhausted look like to you?



Inktober Day 7-Exhausted

Inktober Day 5-Drooling

Inktober Day 5- Chicken aka Saucy Chicken