I’m My Studio…it is all about me

Studio Time:

Work, work, work…

Without the pressure of an art show creeping up on me, I have definitely slowed down on the amount of hours I’ve been painting each day. I have been organizing and purging worn out supplies, receipts, scrap magazines, and all the other random things I inherit from friends and my own slothful ways.

Me forgetting about it {the mess}

One of my favorite things about my studio space is that I can wreak havoc, scattering paintbrushes, paint, and half finished projects and nobody sees it, or has any control here, but me. This is my happy, creative, messy space. Generally, I’m a pretty (very) organized person. I feel calmer and more productive, if/when my home is in order.

Me creating

In my studio, life is different. Time is irrelevant. Rules do not apply. Like walking through the wardrobe of the closet door (Narnia reference), I am me, and the side of my brain that commands me to paint is freed.

In my studio-It’s All Me
Do not be afraid of slowly growing, be afraid of standing still
~Chinese Proverb

Until next time.

Peace, Valerie


  1. I like the graphics. Narnia seems like a good place to be.