I promise….

On the eve of a new year, I am feeling a little reserved and lot skeptical of resolutions and the act of new years eve celebration…  

I sit here contemplating my last post for the year, and I am finding that my willingness and/or ability to tolerate another year end of self recrimination and punishment, as I force myself to reflect upon all that I perceive as failure or unfulfilled dreams of the past 365 days is depressing and full of obstacles.  In fact, I wonder how most of us, myself in particular, ever conceived OR agreed to this self inflicted torment? Yet once again, here we are promising ourselves to improve, to change and to “fix”.  

Photo by Valerie Dowdy 2013

As we stare in to the unknown realm of a new year, full of possibilities and limitations, births and deaths, failures and successes and sometimes simply daily survival, I ask you and myself, why do we place so much resolve on this ONE moment? Why do we continue making spontaneous promises to ourselves, and others? As the stroke of midnight rings in and we are staring in to the bottom of an empty champagne glass, how can we anticipate what will even be possible? 

I can’t and won’t say I will be able to refrain from making a resolution or promise tonight. This habit is so ingrained in me, to try, to be and do “better”.

 If I do resolve to make any pledge, I hope it will go something like this: 

I promise to concentrate more on the present, for I can not undo what has passed and I cannot foresee that which Is yet to be. 
I will work to actively participate in my own journey. 
I will forgive myself. 
I will love more, laugh as often as possible and cry if I need to. 
Most of all, I make art as often as I want and can. 


Thank you so much, each and everyone who continues to show up here at “My View From 1502” and celebrates a common love and appreciation for art. (hopefully some that is mine) By doing so you are letting me know that you care about what I do.

Peace to you and yours in the new year,

PS: I added a spring countdown to help those of us who struggle with winter time! AND, don’t forget to check out my HOLIDAZE page on facebook for all your hand painted art signs!