All roads lead…where?


Mountainscape by ValerieDowdyArt

I know I know! It is a landscape….WTH!!?? Val doesn’t do “landscapes”. But she just did.

How, when, why? My answer: quite by accident. We were watching tv and I was doodling on my iPad. I was playing around with making a sun and it grew from there, literally.

Big Stone Gap (Powell Valley) Virginia

I’m not sure of the emotions behind it-but I feel like this person is missing the Appalachian mountains that our family think of as home. There is a physical and emotional sense of peace and ease when whenever I visit. Many neighbors won’t understand this because we already live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But when you explain that our current elevation is a little over 700 feet, and where we lived, played and worked ranges from 2,000 to 4400 feet they look back with blank stares.

So yeah, I guess this makes me a mountain girl, a hillbilly, a hick or whatever other slang term you wish to use to label or put me in a box.

Blue Ridge Parkway, overlook Virginia

At some point each of us feels a need or urge to escape, feeling like we are better, bigger, more important than what home offers. We spend years scraping and scrabbling to leave the small town behind. Striving to attain the “golden ticket”. Only to one day, somewhere down the line, discover we never really left home base behind. It is always a part of us and will forever be rooted deep inside.

You Can’t Take The Mountain Out Of The Woman 36×36 inch canvas acrylic

Whatever ever place you find yourself in now-continue to grow and broaden your mind and views. And remember, it is ok to hold on to who and where you came from. It is the foundation from where who you are and who you will be, a part of you forever.


You climb to reach the summit, but once there, discover that all roads lead down.”

Stanislaw Lem

Until next time, Valerie