After spending days in a flurry (pun intended) of painting snowmen, I’ve suddenly come to a screeching halt. I am out of canvas! How did I let this happen you wonder? I have been so busy painting that I was not keeping a close enough check on my dwindling inventory and the next thing I knew I have more orders than I do board to paint them on.  And that my friends, is exactly how I let that happen. (not a terrible problem to have, but definitely a scary one) 

The good news is that as I type a nice large supply are flying across the miles, in rush order (thank you dickblick for the overnight pricing specials) and I will be painting again before the end of the week. In the mean time, I plan to take advantage of this freedom and get a much needed massage.

Facebook: Holidaze is a facebook page I sat up to display signs that I make for the seasons…it is public, so you do not need to be a member to see it! check it out!

some variations on the snowman themed pieces I am painting:

…some of these
©Washington Redskins, but the snowman is all me!

One of these…..God Bless Texas!
A few of these….Monograms, they are popular right now!

A pre-purchased ornament personalized for First Christmas!
…..a few more of these

last but not least, one of these, nursery art!

After a multitude of snowmen and other holiday themed creations…..
I just needed find my artist self again.
marker, metallic paint, and pencil

Last thing before I go, I want to share something fun I got to do on Sunday. We drove over the mountain (literally) to Asheville, NC (elevation reaches over 4,000 feet en route) to visit Biltmore House (highly recommend season passes as a gift idea) and see the house bedecked in all its holiday splendor. 

Of course, it being close to Christmas, a beautiful weekend, sunshining, and, the fact that the Biltmore Christmas label Art Contest Winner was in the winery signing labels…we stumbled in to a record breaking visitation day for the Estate. 

In spite of the crowds, we had a wonderful time. If you ever find yourself there awaiting your turn to enter the house (yes that crowded!), be sure to head around to the carriage house, where you will find among many others, a little kiosk set up featuring warm beverages. We highly recommend the Irish Coffee featuring Jameson Whiskey. It will warm you right up as you sit and people watch!