Holiday Season Opens Early…

As fall weather brings out weather that varies from cool frosts, sunny and/or rainy days, it seems to have stimulated my friends, neighbors and coworkers holiday spirit. I, certainly find that it is easier to focus on the holidays and shopping when mother nature reminds me with beautiful colors, falling leaves, frosts and cool temperatures, that the holidays are right around the corner.  

Even better, for this artist’s seasonal business, is that these feelings seem to be kindled amongst a lot of people. I find myself busy on all my free days working on orders of hand painted ornaments and personalized art or holiday themed canvas pieces. (I am NOT complaining!) 

So, I will endeavor to take this changing of the season with grace and dignity,(because we all know I usually do not) as this Santa’s Helper finds her commissioned list growing earlier than usual. 

Thank you, to everyone who supports local business, in particular, artists. When you employ someone who uses their creativity, you offer them an opportunity to generate unique and fun work doing something they love. In return you are rewarded two fold, by sustaining and encouraging small business, and, giving a distinctive and noteworthy gift to someone you care about. 

Lets start off with this piece, after all fall is not gone yet! This pumpkin design is a spin off of the other fall canvases. It is 16 x 20 inches in size and it is basically the same design, but the owner requested a few sunflowers. 

This ornament is currently up for grabs. It is 4 inches in diameter and beneath the decoupage is glass. Then painted in various colors and details and priced at: $45 

Cheetah, Leopard and Zebra Print, Stacked Ornaments is a wall canvas, 12 x 24 inches in size and painted with acrylics and personalized in any pattern you prefer 

I also sell other designs of ornaments… This particular style is 4 inches in diameter, they are painted in two steps: first inside, then outside, Prices vary according to your personalization requests $35-65  Ciick this link for other examples

Ornament Holiday Art Canvas is from 2013 and still popular, it is a 12 x 24 canvas (as are most of the wall art designs) Note** the more letters in a name the smaller the ornament size. The ornaments can be created like Snowmen or Elves. Click this Link and Scroll to see more examples. 

I love to create abstract ornaments without personalization. If you are looking for a special gift, but nothing personalized, check out some of the Limited Edition 2013 Series I painted last year. They were very popular and sold well. Perhaps I should created another set this year…..

Last, but certainly not least, canvases that made up the set from the Twelve Days of Christmas. These hand painted miniature sized two inch canvas were attached to ribbon for display purposes on a tree. These pieces are something I prefer to do only as special request. But they looked awesome on display. I will see if I can get another photo from the owner and share later in another post. 

Thanks for stopping by and if you found something that sparks an interest don’t hesitate to contact me via the link provided on the ride side of the page. I love to hear from you and try to bring your visions to life on canvas. Whether it be fun holiday pieces or serious work.


She enjoys rain 
for its wetness, 
winter for its cold, 
summer for its heat. 
She loves rainbows 
as much for fading 
as for their brilliance. 
It is easy for her, 
she opens her heart 
and accepts everything.” 

Morgan LlywelynBard 
The Odyssey of the Irish