Happy Thanksgiving

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….today is Thanksgiving, and I am suddenly aware of how quickly the year has passed. I want to keep today’s post short, but wish everyone a happy holiday in however you and your loved ones mark the day.  

For several years my family has played surrogate to friends/students that attended university with my twins.  I have labeled our yearly celebration as Thanksgiving Around the World. Since the twins graduated two years ago, we are beginning to lose touch with the multi-cultural group.  I was saddened, believing that we were not going to enjoy our new tradition this year.  But, I have been pleasantly surprised to find out that we were wrong and there will be some students in attendance.  In the past our home has been filled with as many as 27-30 people bringing with them a variety of cultures. Our numbers and diversity may have dropped a bit this year, but we are still expecting 16-17. The only thing that diminishes my spirit, is that my eldest daughter Ashley and Amy will only be participating via FaceTime, and I must now add to my list of “things I am grateful for”-video conferencing!  🙂

In a holiday that is all but devoured by the commercial Santa machine that retail has created, I am grateful for many things like (video conferencing) an opportunity to share time, a good meal and the chance to learn more about cultural differences. I hope each of you some measure as well. 

Oh and one last thing………

(sorry couldn’t help myself)