Happy Father’s Day….

Step One….
Close Up of Step One….

Step Two…


Inspired by a photo I recently came across of a model, I couldn’t stop looking at her long flowing hair. The lovely red strands were twisted and curled in waves and layers like woven vines and branches. I knew I had found inspiration for a new addition to the surreal tree portfolio. This piece is 12 x 36 inch on a pre-stretched canvas. I am using a mixed media of pencil, ink, and oils, but who knows by the time this one is finished. 

I have also been gathering the supplies to create a mosaic piece, just for fun, and just for myself. I have accumulated a nice supply of natural and ceramic pieces of tile in a large variety of neutral shades, from which to choose.  While the design is semi worked out in my head, the location is the first hurdle I must clear. This means I might have to go back to the dungeon (aka basement) to be able to make a mess and spread out. 

Not sure how I am feeling about that…

To all the dad’s out there, I think you will appreciate this:

A dad is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be-unknown