We all approach pain/loss/death in a different manner. It is true that an artists mind is wired differently, in that their brains allow them to think more metaphorically, which is what allows them to be more creative. The precuneus region is where this takes place,it is involved in a range of functions but basically linked to creativity, visual imagery. 
The art below is the reason I am sharing this info, and, the art is the cause of this creation. We have suffered a recent loss of a very beloved pet. I am not sure if I made the worst mistake of my life by being present at the end of his life, or the best. Right now, it feels like the worst. A practical part of my mind knows it was time to release him from his suffering, but the creative side of my mind is in a maelstrom of pain and recall (over and over) of the actual process. I shared the science behind how an artist’s brain works, to help explain my struggle. 
Honestly, I am not surprised by the response I have already received, it comes from a very personal and pain filled experience which lends it a lot of power. It is, however, very important to me that you understand the work. It is not a habit of mine to explain my art as you already know. This is hopefully a step forward in my grief process. I also want you to understand the kind of power our minds, inner psyche and imagination can achieve when we get out of the way.  
24 x 30 inch canvas
Title: Grieving
Mixed Media
©Valerie Dowdy Art 

Explanations & Meanings:
Some homework for you on symbolism and the meanings when applied to art. There obvious references and some maybe which might not be as clear. I will answer questions in regards to their use in this piece. 

Pink–tenderness, acceptance, calm
yellow–hope, joy, happiness, optimism, heaven 
brown–earth, home, endurance
orange–energy, balance, demanding attention
spirals–life/death; spiritual/physical; 
tree–tree of life
light–sun, spirituality
vine–growth, connection, survival, determination
windows/doors–separation from outside/inside
blocked or shuttered windows/doors–represent the eyes, privacy, violence, escape
homes/house– are usually considered feminine in symbolism
mountains–obstacles to overcome; higher spiritual values; unwillingness to confront inner struggles, usually considered masculine 
ledges–resting place
standing without movement–is denial of our own power and responsibility, inability to focus, move forward or follow our heart
black bird–death, discovery, healing, inner self
open book–a subject which is thoroughly understood
open book turned upside down–the opposite?

They say that the #blackbird calls to us from the #gateway between two worlds, pointing out the path to a more #spiritual or #self #awareness. Time comes in life when it is important to concentrate on the outside world and responsibilities, but there also comes a time when you must listen to the painful song of #loss in your #soul. 

Searching for peace….

#RIP #scruffy #cairnterrier 
Lover of pet rocks