Gel Medium Transfer Art

 On Monday my group and I finished our three part paint skins series.  They seemed to have a good time experimenting with a different art medium, and have started projects of their own. I take this as a good sign.  I enjoyed spending time with a great group of people and am looking forward to seeing their completed works.  We are also discussing a second Paint Skins Class for those who were interested in this class but couldn’t make it to our class. 

As a follow up,  we are making plans to offer a second Paint Skins Class for those who were unable to make the first series.  I am currently planning a two part tutorial on how to create Gel Medium Transfer Art.  This workshop will explain the use of laser print photo copies, gel medium,  paints, paper to transfer images onto canvas or boards for mixed media art.  The class will be hosted by Norton Parks and Recreation.  I think you will not find it as complicated as paint skins, but just as fun. These projects can make great any holiday gifts!  There are a lot of great resources you can watch for a preview, here is one that I think is easily understood and straight         forward—>  Gel Medium Transfer Art 

 The images contained in today’s post have absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject of the blog, but, are pieces from the ‘my view’ project and I wanted to show them off before they are installed in the Volvo Manufacturing Plant in Dublin, Virginia.  As part of an effort by the company and interior decorator, artists were selected and asked to display their work as part of a large makeover. Kudos to Volvo and their decorators for supporting local art.  I am pleased to have been sought out and asked to participate.  

Stay tuned and when we have finalized the dates of this workshop I will post more information. If you have any questions prior to this date, please contact me.