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Another quiet day in the studio, unfortunately. With the economy slowed to a crawl, it is a difficult time to market my art. Being a “more room in the glass” kind of thinker I am charging onward toward the holidays with my fingers AND toes crossed. The reveal for my twelve numbered and signed ornaments  will be November 29th and 30th, in our studio. We will offer special hours on these days leading up to our Open Studio/House on December 9.  

I want to draw your attention to the twelve day of Christmas ornaments on the right side of the site. I have had inquiries, but no firm commitments to purchase, so they are still up for grabs! For a small additional fee these could be shipped as a gift. 

As an exercise, to begin my creative process I chose to begin working on doodle art in my sketch book.  Doodling provides me with a freedom,  no expectations, fear of mistakes, or waste. I find the repetitive motion of the technique relaxing, and they often become elaborate and detailed pieces. My family keep insisting that I do a show based on these works.  Totaling over 60 completed pieces, perhaps one day I will. 

Fund raising…..who doesn’t need funds?? 
I made came up with this design as a donation for a fundraising event for the Charles W. Harris Gallery located in the Lonesome Pine Library in Wise. It is a holiday wreath with a twist!

For more information or to bid on a wreath please contact curator Carmen Cantrell @ 276-328-1251.  All funds benefit the gallery and its maintenance. 

That said, let me end with this quote by Henry James:

It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance, for our consideration and application of these things, and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process.

holiday wreath
original art



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