From Earth We Come, And To Earth Return….

This article from My Modern Met was in my feed yesterday, when I looked at it, and I agree with the article that it has a very different meaning than currently. Finnish photographer Riitta Ikonen and Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjorth captured seniors wrapped in various elements of nature, becoming nature itself.

My work runs parallel to this subject, but in a more feminine perspective and in painting. The work really resonated with me.  I hope they get the funding from their kickstarter to create a hardcover of the project.

here is the link to the article. Eyes As Big As Plates-My Modern Met Article I have included a couple of my favorite images from the article. Hope you enjoy! I am feeling some creative ideas bubbling after seeing these. They definitely have some similarities to the most recent work I shared in my last post. The woman In The Mountain Art Post


Peace, Valerie