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My Amazon listing is live and working.

Creating a self-published coloring book has been no easy task, and I seem to know just enough about technology to get myself in to trouble. 

I persevered.

Seeing the listing has made me proud and excited.

…imagine how over the moon I will be if I can figure out how to create some effective marketing!


Digital Drawing Pad:

This is a really cool gift I received a really cool gift from my daughter recently. (forgive me technology gods if there is a more appropriate name for these objects). 

I am learning to work with the program and practicing with the stylus and pad. This is my first completed digital drawing and wanted to show it off. 

Pretty cool, huh??!!

This insomniac is signing off for tonight, be sure and click on the link above and check out my listing. If you already own a coloring book, a review would really be helpful. They tell me these are like gold in the selling industry. I know I rely on them to make choices while shopping!