FB Memory Post reminders…

Any ONE who has Facebook knows what I’m talking about, right? Those little “shared”” memories”  post suggestions that are sometimes annoying and sometimes, well, kind of nice little reminders of past experiences or in this case, creations. 

This morning, mine was a pic of a violin that I was commissioned to paint for a symphony fundraising event. How could I turn down a chance to paint anything I wanted on a violin? I had a great time and they loved the result. 

I shared the image this morning on instagram and two people responded that it made them think of prince. Don’t you love to hear how others feel or react about your work? I do too. 

Which brings up a subject I’d like to discuss in the next day or two when I post again. The ever present struggle of talking about your work and selling it to public. I’m pretty sure I’ll go to my grave trying to overcome this obstacle. 

Happy rainy Tuesday from Virginia,