Fairy Stone State Park

Recently we discovered we live near Fairy Stone State Park, near Bassett, Virginia.  
Fairy Stone Park Entrance

Most local Wise Countians have either seen “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine” an annual outdoor drama or The June Tolliver House. Both of which are located in Big Stone Gap. 

Abe loves road trips


I’ve always meant to pick one up at the shop, but never actually took time to get one.
 I was excited to realize how close we are to the park itself. 

Beautiful mountain views along the way
The stones are mentioned in the famous novel that is written by John Fox, Jr. 
more views…

WHAT is a fairy stone?

This is a fairy stone
A fairy stone is actually staurolite. Staurolite are brown staurolite, a combination of silica, iron, and aluminum. Together these minerals crystallize in twin form creating a cross-shaped formation. They are found only in rocks that have been subject to great heat and pressure such as was found millions of years ago in the geological history of the formation of the Allegheny Mountains. While various formations of fairy stones may be found around the world, nowhere are they more perfectly cross-shaped or abundant that in the area in and around Virginia’s Fairy Stone State Park near the town of Bassett.

We’ve arrived at the hunt site!
Tip: make your way to the park, so that you can find out where the hunt site is located
and exactly what you are looking for!

here we go!

dried river bed where these crystals hang out…yeah, good luck finding them!

Here is my booty. I found a lot of pieces and parts. I wish I had brought along something for my knees. you spend a lot of time on them, or bent over looking. 
Have fun!

my unpolished fairy stone booty
Fairy Stone Legend: 
Hundreds of years before Pocahontas father, Chief Powhatan, reined over the land that is now Virginia, fairies dance and played around springs of water with naiads and wood nymphs. One day an elfin messenger arrived from a city far away and brought news of the death of Christ. When the fairies heard the story of the crucifixion, they wept and as their tears fell upon the ground, they crystallized to form beautiful crosses. Historic superstitions held that possessing one of these rare stones would protect its owner from illness, accidents, and even warding off a witch’s curse.
Peace, Valerie