Evolution in Substance

There always seems to be too many things that I allow to get in the way of blogging. This is one example:

A Music Mosaic: is the title of the 2015 season of #SymphonyoftheMountains which is underway and preparing for their annual #Gala fundraising event with #silentauction is approaching. I was asked to donate my efforts in #paint by creating #violinart this year. 

Although unfinished, I wanted to give you a #sneakpeek and the written description which will accompany the art to the auction table.  Hopefully, this will entice you to one, donate/support to a great organization, and two, check back in a week or so, to see the finished product!

          Violin Art Title: Evolution in Substance (not sold completely on title yet)

“All fine arts are a reflection of nature. A visual interpretation is but a dance between human and the perceived. Through painting, I am able to connect images with sounds and what I imagine happens when a soul speaks and words fail. This painted violin embodies the combination of the dance between art and sound and the explosion of colors as they transform and grow. I am the painter who feels its essence, my hand gives it substance and our eyes behold the evolution.
~By Valerie Dowdy 

Valerie Dowdy