Dogs Rule & Cats Do Too….

All my art supplies are packed up and stored temporarily. Frustrating when you are feeling a pretty strong urge to create, right?

Next best thing? Ipad Pro & Apple Pencil
(this is not a paid advertisement-however, I have to say that I love my devices! They have yet to disappoint! The apple pencil is pretty amazing and does such a fantastic job of interpreting the user)

I use a freebie app called Sketchbook to draw. I upgraded to the pro brushes, pens, etc., but you don’t have to! Its a good program. I love many things about it. One thing I struggle with is trying to understand the selection tools, and how to use them. Someone PLEASE Make this a little more user friendly, please!!! UGH

I produced a simple slideshow using the images I created today using yet another apple product and the sketchbook app.  Apple should recognize! I have been an advocate for their products for years. In fact, this blog post and slideshow are being produced from my MacBook Pro….just saying!

Peace & Happy Friday,

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