Day Two: Did the Dalai Lama Say That…..

I think it really hit me this evening that I had announced to anyone who would listen that I am going to create a painting every day for the next 365 days and today is only day 2. What, was I thinking?? and whats worse than that? Talking about my work.  Something that until now I have shied away from, and avoided whenever possible.

   In order to help you get a better understanding of me and perhaps my art I should go back a bit. I do not have a degree in art. I have now had more training, but still no degree. A lot of my training came from watching television artists. (yes, I too believe there is something to happy accidents). I learned tricks, and techniques from these shows, and books, I looked at the Masters and replicated their work, and with the aid of some formal education, I learned how take what they all had to offer  and apply it, creating my own style. My support came from bravado, and a great family. Jumping in with both feet and I never looked back. If I had canvas-great, if not, oh well.

   Here I am, a couple of paragraphs later and I am already making emotional discoveries. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the most simple things lead you to greater understanding (did the Dalai Lama say that?) What I mean is, sitting here telling you some of my story, I am realizing that my love for Mixed Media Art was born.  A simple passion to create, love of paint and texture, coupled with the lack of funds-gives birth to a  discovery of an art style. One which deepened the understanding of my world, increased my skills and fulfills a part of my self.

Ok, folks, here is #2.

Have a great evening. Lets see what tomorrow brings.


  1. You don't need a degree to be a great artist! For proof-positive see picture above!

  2. You need a like button Val!!! Tell me about this painting…..what did it say to you when you were creating it??

  3. Day 2….inspire…that's what I feel when I look at todays art work. Some days will be easy others not. Either way you (we) must put one foot infront of the other, one prayer on top of another prayer. Praying for you in my daily prayers and looking forward to tomorrows art……blessings.