Day 75 Grapes & a bit of Philosophy

left side view

right side and top view

4x4x2 inch oil on canvas   $25
Tonight I had dinner with a friend. One I have not seen in a while. She has been going through some serious things. But, has held onto an amazingly positive attitude, and outlook. She said something tonight that I think will stick with me forever. I noticed that she had a plum purple stripe of color in her hair. I commented, and told her that it actually looked really cool and that I applauded her courage to go for it. She said, it was something she always wanted to do. Now, that she facing this critical time, with an unsure future and wasting a lot of years wishing she had done this or that, she decided she was not going to waste another minute by NOT having the courage to do those things anymore! I guess you could call it her Bucket List-whatever you wanna call it-I think it is damn awesome!