Day 7: Time…… is what keeps everything from happening at once

     Do you ever think about how our lives are influenced by numbers? Or, how many ways the number seven appears in our order of things? While working on these journal entries I have been researching the meanings of numbers, and what they mean, and wondering why we feel compelled to put order and number to our lives.
Did you know there are seven ages of man, ancient wonders of the world, circles of universe, cosmic stages, days of the week, heavens, hells, pillars of wisdom, rays of the sun, and I could go on! Interestingly, but not surprising then that seven is considered an important number, and representational spiritually and personally to many.
So, today’s painting was productive, the end result-2 for1.
Best, Valerie


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  1. Its like sad sunflower vs. happy sunflower.