Day 68 Tree

18×24 Oil on Canvas
In the last few days I received a photograph from a friend with the image that you see as tonight’s work. Then, today I received a BBM (blackberry message) from a friend telling me about some symbolic meanings she had been reading about on the subject of– you guessed it, trees! This, coupled with the fact that I have been feeling compelled for the last week to do more trees too! But, was afraid you guys were getting tired of tress-held back. In the end, this sequence of events, lead me back to a tree. 

I do not know how many people know this, but art is most always loaded with symbolism, mine included. You might assume that means, it applies specifically to abstract or surrealism. If you do think this you would be wrong. The following link is connected to the title, of a famous work, takes you to a page where you can read more about the symbolic example I am sharing: Allegory with Venus and Cupid (painted in 1540 by Bronzino). There are 5 specific symbols used in this painting, following is one example.
      a honeycomb: A sinister figure holds a honeycomb, which alludes to a time when Cupid      was stung by a bee while stealing honey. Venus dismissed her son’s tears, saying his arrows wounded people far more.

It is my hope by sharing this with you, you will take time to look at art  more closely (mine included) To ask what clues does this work hide, and what symbols are within that tell you what is going on, what does it all mean. When you begin to dissect work in this way, you can form more accurate opinions, and a broader understanding of the time, the emotions, historical references, etc… Which, hopefully will give you a greater appreciation and understanding of how an artist creates and why they do the specific things they do and open your eyes to a greater LOVE for art.

Nite, Valerie