Day 365…Le Grande Finale

September 20, 2011. 
Approaching tonight’s blog is no less taxing than any other night.  On the matter of perfecting or honing my skills, I will confess that I have fallen short of the goal.  In the scheme of things does it hurt my creativity? I can not truly say, and I must admit that I am not too heartbroken.  And, to be quite honest, I have already spent a good portion of time, sitting here, staring at the computer struggling to write. 
What can I really say at this point that I have not already? I hope you have taken away a little more understanding of art, in particular, mine.  In looking back I have enjoyed the challenge of painting every day, and I have hated it.  But, most of all, I know now that I have more drive, discipline, dedication than I ever envisioned.  
As someone (well make that several someone’s) have pointed out more than once, my art embodies feminism-hopeflly it embraces each and every facet.  It will come as no surprise that tonight should be any different.  The many layers that have become tonights are a culmination of several weeks of work.  In particular, I have tried highlighting and making use of a variety of materials. Many of have been utilized in past work. 
As I leave tonight, it is with mixed emotions. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude. Each person who has taken time to look, comment, and offer support will always be remembered. This is not the end of My View From 1502. I may not blog a painting every night, but I will be sharing with you the elements of preparation that lead up to the show in November. There are many details yet to finish. From Labels and inventory to categorizing and preparing, there is still much to do. I will post at least once a week with the progress. Ending with a slideshow of the show, reception and as someone requested a grand total of how much went money went into this project.
 …but it is not the end.
Thank you to you all!

22 x 28 Mixed Media
“The Painted Chalice”
bottom left

top right
bottom right

top left

~The best way to finish a painting is to start a new one. (Sylvio Gagnon)


  1. I'm so sorry I've had to be away from a computer all week – I missed the final piece! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me – and for all the kind words you gave to me on my blog. I hope your show is fantastic (although I can't see how it can be anything else) – have fun, and I'll be waiting for your next move!

  2. Absolutely Fantastic! Bravo! We are all proud of you!