Day 364


I have been working on Day 365 for several weeks now in hopes of creating an exciting and detailed final piece of art. There are many layers to most of my abstract expression pieces and rarely would I be able to finish one in one day.

 Tonight’s piece is the result of a different type of brush work, literally.  I use rags or an old towel that I hang on the bottom brace of my easel. This is for convenience while I paint.  The abstracted pattern you see below, is from my last towel.  As I was looking for a clean area, I held up the towel and began to search as my eyes traveled over the material, I noticed it contained interesting patterns, color and movement.  Some of these areas even seem very deliberate.  This fascinated me and I felt I should share this on the blog.  Hopefully you will too.

The actual process was simple, after narrowing down one area, I simply cut it out of the towel and stretched it onto the stretched canvas I would normally have used.

If you will indulge me today–my accidental discovery–will be Day 364 art.  Maybe Bob Ross really did have it right when declaring there were no mistakes only “happy accidents”.

I see an abstracted floral pattern.  Do you see it as well?


8 x 10 oils on cloth

close up of left top corner