Day 361

Friday, and then there were four—four days that is.

We know (from my art history lesson last night) that from the Renaissance period until the middle of the 19th century Western Art was emphasized perspective and visual attempts to capture realism.  With changing technology, science and philosophy, artists began to draw their ideas from new theoretical arguments, relation to social issues and intellectual concerns from all over. Where as before, the major influence came from Europe.

Where art is today is still an unanswered question.  I found a lots of labels and adjectives based in opinion. One termed our new era as pseudo-modernism, and feels if postmodernism critiques reality, that pseudo-modernism creates it. He is referring the plugged in-reality loving and technology geeks we are today. We are fueled with-click, enter, delete, web browsing and the blogging phenomenon to be sure.  Further, his believes that because of this reality we have become an “all about me” society and a throw away culture, who have fallen into a short lived, banal, ephemeral nature that feeds narcissism.  Whoa, right?

If in fact we are no longer postmodernists, I ask, what, in fact, is our movement?  And, is it true what one artist coined on a t-shirt –has the academia and art historians crashed the car of history, that until now, they had driven?

8 x 10 oils, and metallic gold on canvas