Day 360


8 x 10 oils (chunky style as per requested)

Who among you knows the work of Salvador Dali?  Many people are at least aware of the “melting clock” which is a portion of a surreal work he did entitled The Persistence of Memory.   Surrealism peaked during WWI, during the Dada art movement.  Dadaism ushered in art such as surrealism, pop art, and punk rock.  While the subjects tended to concentrate specifically on anti-war politics and to ridicule what it considered a meaningless modern world, particularly, attacking the bourgeois.  Many felt that the “traditional” forms of the arts, religious faith, social organizations and daily life were becoming out dated and in light of the new economic, social and political conditions of a fully industrialized world the focus on self consciousness and “enlightenment”. Modernism focused on the process and materials used in creating art.  This opened the doors for Abstract art and arts next big movement, Post Modernism. 

Art History 101 lesson is now done for the night, for fear of boring you to tears. The point of the lesson was to explain tonight’s work. I view it as combination of surreal and abstract, so I felt the need to explain this.
The Prison Cell