Day 347

8 x 10 oils

Earlier today I read a statement on google+. It is quoted from a Huffington Post article by Brian D. Cohen. 
    Creativity is discovering patterns, relationships, connections and beauty–seeing itself is a creative act.The potential for creativity resides everywhere, in every subject, every decision
and every relationship.

The overwhelming need to link ourselves to what we experience and see is so instinctive and ingrained.  Most often we do not even recognize its value until it is lost.  More and more, I avail of those links and find comfort in how they bind me to myself and to my loved ones. Imagine if each of us utilizes our creativity to build something up instead of tearing it down.    

As I prepared to make a canvas run today, it hit me, this is the last one. This is my last trip to buy supplies for My View From 1502.  Each day disappears, and I am experiencing a lot of emotions.  Putting words to them seem to be even more difficult.  When I look at my art over the last couple of weeks, I feel as though I am shouting at you.  I feel a sense of urgency to find the right words, and for you to see what my sorry lack of writing will not permit me to verbalize. And, tonight I leave you once again feeling as though I have left out too many things… 



One Comment

  1. Valerie – Please quit beating yourself up! I always appreciate whatever words you choose to use, and if there are none, I appreciate the beautiful art you choose to share. I will be sad when this little experiment ends, and hope that you will still be painting and posting. I just wish that I could be as amazing as you are!