Day 343

8 x 10 oils

In tonights painting I see different approaches for interpretation. It seems a shame to stamp it with one opinion, mine.

Feel free to comment, or share yours.



  1. Hi Nancy. and thanks (((again))) for keeping my spirits lifted!

    I like what you see in this day's art. To be honest, I did not consciously create her as pregnant. I love that you and another lady saw that.
    I have a lot of these ladies left to paint, and ideas just keep popping up for more…
    I believe your girls, gave me a push in this new direction. Thanks!

  2. I know it's so frustrating when viewers don't comment – but you know we're looking! I'm really liking these figure paintings that you've been doing – they're very fluid, smooth and soothing. This one at first glance makes me think that she's looking in the mirror, but then, I saw the "baby bump" – and now I think that the other figure is a reporter and by 6:00, it will be all over the news!