Day 339

8 x 10 oils 

If I had the time (how many times we say this, right?) I would like to put in details that oils will not permit without some drying time. So, for arts sake we will call this done.
With that said, I still feel as though I am channeling a twisted version and/or combination of Klimt and Picasso. My goal is to give up control (yeah, I am so capable of that!) and see if this is a new creative influence. 
Or, will it vanish as quickly as it appeared…

One Comment

  1. I think this piece has an official title: "Pillar of Argos"

    Hera, Queen of Olympia, and the Protector of Peacocks, was referred to as the Pillar of Argos often in Greek Mythology.

    (thanks for the mythology lesson Daniel and for the title)