Day 332

11 x 14 oils on canvas


It appears as if a kaleidoscope of textures, colors, and patterns have all blended into one another to create tonight’s work.  And yet, it would seem as if I have opened a window–Is it an escape or an invitation?
 The windows in our homes are permeable barriers between the inside and the outside. This boundary separates our private and public self. One may see from either side by looking through the window.  The glass helps creates an element of security, but how secure is that element? Glass is fragile and vulnerable to physical attack and to curiosity of anyone from the outside. 



  1. Anonymous…

    you are correct, perspective drives me mad. (how I have managed to do murals over the years is beyond me).

    When I took the picture for this piece last night and as I look at it again, I am still surprised.

    It is frightening how much art can reveal.

    Thank you for your comments and support, as always.

  2. Your perspective is spot on feel like I might fall in. I know this is something you struggle with great job at the end of a tough day.