Day 331

8 x 10 oils on canvas

Thick as a Brick

Yes, you see above a title for tonight’s art. Why this particular title? In all honesty?…
 …I am listening to Jethro Tull tonight and was giving it my best effort to make something happen, and struggling the entire way. After discarding two canvases to dry out for a “re”do, picked up number 3 for one more try. I hate these nights. I am mentally tired and struggling for concentration hoping all the while the “magic” will take over. 
What happens next? Thick as a Brick begins to play and I am listening and then I remembered that sometimes artists have to find and use their sense of humor.  With this solution in mind I came up with this art. For those of you who do not know the song/album came out in the early 1970’s and lasted for almost 45 minutes.  The one song album by Jethro Tull is described as a parody. Critics claim the song is an artistic attack on nearly everything in mainstream society, including attitudes toward children, art, war, and materialism.  

With that said, I am through for the evening.