Day 321

8 x 10 oils on canvas

Sunday. Another beautiful scorcher that began with an intense electrical storm this morning. I spent most of the day with my family in my last birthday get-together. I have to say that I have partied more then I can ever recall for my birthday.  Good food abounded, and I have partaken of it all!  Alas, Monday morning is a return to reality and back on routine and healthier goals.
Today’s art will most likely be the last of my “blue period”. As I type this I am wondering if I will still feel this way once tomorrow evening rolls around. I guess time will tell on that score. A friend pointed out day 320, the countdown stood at 45 days.  I admit I am struggling. Each day is a challenge to paint. I want to finish strong, and with some art that will make me proud.  I need motivation!!