Day 320

8 x 10 oils on canvas

  Today my  husband and I visited the local farmer’s market. We picked up some green tomatoes and a spaghetti squash. The farmer threw in a zucchini just to be a nice guy.

  Our market is pretty new and does offer as much as some do, but I am excited that we have it and I love picking up fresh local produce, plants or baked goods. 
I had mentioned before that my mom and I have been canning green beans.  We totalled out at 120 quarts, and 1 pint. Not a bad haul. I have to admit it feels really good to get back into preserving food for upcoming days.
  I am not sure that art reflects life today. I will let you judge and decide for yourselves. I think I have been a bit distracted by our bookcase project. My husband and I (who make a great team) created them together. I designed them, he built and installed book cases. We added a column for an architectural detail. The cool thing about the column is that it cost me less than $15. If you are interested in the story behind this let me know and I will explain.