Day 300! ….seriously on a countdown now



12 x 24 Mixed Media

Life is But a Circle

Sunday, July 17, I am is a day for celebrating as. I have completed 300 pieces of art. In honor of this achievement I have a surprise for you. I have created a mixed media piece of art. I used a larger canvas 12 x 24 inches and attached a smaller one which is 8 x 10 inches to build added dimension. I have applied acrylic and oil paints on and into the spackle. The found objects are tile and wood objects.

I wanted you to have an example of the direction that I am planning to go (of course I still have 65 days to change my mind) with my work. I do not have enough time, most days, to complete one of these paintings and I there elements that I would like to have time to add to this one as well. Since the goal is to FINISH a painting each day, this will have to suffice.

I look forward to hearing your response to day 300.

Hope you are having a peace-filled Sunday,


  1. Oops! I meant "finished"!

  2. Love the new piece! And, congratulations on going this far — sad to think you will be fished in just a couple of months! Sad for me, not for you, I'm sure! Looking forward to seeing more mixed media pieces – that's what I'm really wanting to get into.

  3. Ha! She lives!

    and thanks. It felt good to do some media mixing. You know I like to push the envelope and see what I can do with out having it slide off the canvas…oh, guess I better go check and make sure it did NOT slide off yet!
    Thank you daughter mine!
    Mom/Valerie/My View