Day 3: Three, its a Magic Number….

The mind, spirit, and body
The holy trinity
The sum of all human ability-thought, word, and deed.
These are a few references that I feel help me explain my work. A friend asked for an explanation for day 2 art-So, SKQ-this is for you.

    Last night as I started getting out my paints and thinking about how I wanted to proceed. I kept thinking I need to focus, I need to think about my direction, and how I want that progression to evolve in each work. That was a mistake, I was putting so much pressure on myself-I was ready to give up already. Life is so hectic, and everyone has so much bottled up emotion, expectations, drive to achieve more, and  the pace just seems to get faster and faster. We have forgotten how to breathe. So this became my first goal. Second, I needed to find my “happy place”. Everyone has their own way of doing this.  My advise on this is to do it often. Ok, so I am trying to find a way to sift through the muck rolling around inside and let something useful take its place on the canvas. I began to concentrate on the brushes, and palette knife, the texture of the paint-feeling the strokes, and colors. My music ( it has to be loud for me) became a white noise, and if all goes well with the universe I get there-to that lovely place where art happens.

         If you have looked at my work in the past, and  see my work in the future you will not be surprised to find that three’s are repetitive points Thus, the reason for the comments at the beginning of this post. For a long time, I didn’t realize how often they appear, nor, did I give it a lot of thought, I just did it. Until someone pointed it out and ask me to explain, I couldn’t. This forced me to really look at my work. I  researched a bit, read a bit, and realized that these images, popping up are quite simply intrinsic-
    Tonight, piece 3 arrives with more ease. and more 3. The circles are closer to the center this time, hope that is a good sign. Things still seem blurred around the edges and a bit ragged.




  1. When the edges are no longer blurry, life is over.

  2. Love it….thanks for the explanation Val. I think that helps appreciate art so much more when you can understand the artist's perspective.

  3. Hi,
    Are we ragged around our edges? I would say 50% of the time, especially as we age, our rough edges begin to show, along with the wrinkles. What I see in today's art project is "progression". You have made another step toward your goal! You go girl! This is great, day 2 was "opening our eyes" in the morning, things seem a littlle fuzzy. Today, day 3, our eyes start to kick in and focus, and yes the circles appear more in the center. Just like you begin to "center" on your goal. Tomorrow, it will progess….blessings.