Day 293…

8 x 10 oils used like water color on canvas 2

Today I am posting pretty early. We have something fun in the works…and it looks like a good day to enjoy some time outdoors. So, get off these computers and enjoy! UNfortunately, It will not be long until we are complaining and whining about NOT being able to play outside.
PS to nancy—I have worked in clay before as a sculpture medium. Unfortunately I do not own a kiln (hint hint-hubby). I have one other wire piece that I need to finish. The one I posted, was started a good while back but never seen through to completion. I am pleased to see it through to completion.
PSS–I am adding a photo of the golf art in a frame, so that any golf fans or friends of golf fans can see what a great addition this piece would be to their office or home. Shameless plug to sell art?? Absolutely!!! 


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  1. One of my favorites!!