Day 288…

8×10 mixed media

8×10 chicken art

What is chicken art? Glad you asked that question…
An old friend found her calling when she began working for a company where she gets to travel, work with animals (the nicest people in the world) travel, and did I mention work with animals? at training seminar called, (you are going to love this) East Coast Chicken Camp . Here they are honing the skills of their trade in a unique way.  Long story short, Gabby and/or Pippa, under the guidance of Michelle (their trainer), created a piece of art for me! I am honored. You can check out a clip of some of their exercises by clicking the link above. (east coast…)

 Textures and mixed media are on my mind right now after my recent exposure of art and more art. It is growing stronger as I work on the layers of when my grand finale piece (yep, I have already begun working on it). This piece will hopefully be something very unique and I am going to try not to give any details away about it until it is ready.

I am still on a weekend high. After a great weekend with my husband, loads of art and being with people who love art as much as me. Then, on to a Quinceanara celebration (my first one). My family got to learn a bit about a different culture and indulge in good music, great food and friendly people.