Day 280……

8×10 oil on canvas
Love Birds

Not sure about the rest of you in my region, but I am quite worn out with these quick appearing, lightening flashing  and furious storms we have been pummeled with lately. They are very unnerving. Thankfully, they come upon us quickly and leave just the same. The frustrating part is my internet. For some reason, every time it rains our wifi connection dies. Instead of a B & M fest to you about my call center woes and attempts to fix the problem, well, let me just say verizon is NOT on my list of recommendations. 
I do have some news to share with you that helps me forget my frustration with the storms, and internet service or lack thereof. Today I have committed to my first exhibition of My View From 1502. Surprisingly, I will have one before the end of 2011. My show will go up the first weekend in October and a reception will follow. 
Where? Kingsport Renaissance Center in Kingsport, Tn.  
The gallery area I will be using is on the second floor and surrounds an overlook of the atrium. The art will be juxtaposed on plaster and brick walls, with oval shaped doorways leading in and around the open walkway which over looks the atrium. I found the location to be exactly the right place to showcase my colorful, textural paintings. 
One show arranged, and hopefully a few more to follow, as My View From 1502 begins to solidify and take shape. 
….85 days left.


  1. Wow! That is so great, Valerie! Wish I lived closer so that I could come and see it — I think it will be marvelous! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! I wish we were going to be able to be there for the show! I think this could be one of my favorite paintings of the whole year so far!