Day 263

Today I am breaking with the norm by blogging today’s art early.
8×10 oil on canvas
My art is abstract in genre but does not have the normal textural work I most often use. I see a lot in  this piece that could be built upon. The time limitations in working with oils and finishing in time, prevent me from doing this. That is one of the frustrating things about the project. I wish I had more time to develop certain pieces. 
I was inspired today by a song, the title of the song is Dancing in The Dark, and is an 80’s song. I see the strong impact that it made and wonder if you can too?
  • Congrats to my daughter for signing her first teaching contract!
  • For all you Whale Wars fans out there, today is Episode 2 of the new series!
  • Don’t work to hard today and Be careful coming home son!
  • Congrats need to go to my eldest daughter too, she has begun her first job as Freelance Archaeologist in Texas.
  • Yep, this is mom tooting her “proud of her kids” horn


  1. Thanks Lady A!
    I always appreciate input (especially love the nice ones) What can I say, I am a Leo.


  2. So glad I found you on Facebook. I love the vibe.