Day 259

8×10 oil on canvas

Picasso says that some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, and others transform a yellow spot into the sun. I am not sure I will I will ever reach so lofty a goal, but my aim is to continue trying. 


  1. Nancy,
    Thank you so much for joining me, and sharing your comments. I was beginning to think that my venture out into facebook ads were a mistake!
    I think it is great you are experimenting with mixed media, and have found art.
    Thank you again. I look forward hearing from you again.

  2. Hi Valerie!
    I just clicked to your blog from FB – what a treat! I know that I'll be spending a few days reading from Day One. After painting in watercolor and oils, I'm just now embarking on a journey through mixed media – so glad I found you! I'm sure that I'll be commenting a lot – I love what I've seen so far! Thanks for being there!