Day 238

8×10 oils on canvas
There is no need for lengthy explanations to tonight’s art. The simplicity of the piece speaks for itself.
What I find more worthwhile in discussing is the reoccurring presence of the sun in my work. I wish I had the words to express the feelings I have when I am surrounded by sunshine, and how the warming sensation feels like it reaches all the way to my soul. The sun brings to me feelings of completeness that no other thing has ever been able to do. It is no surprise that it is a often used and prevalent within my work. If we have discussed this before, forgive me, as it seems I feel the need to do so again. If you have studied any symbolism then you  know that the sun represents the ego, the conscious personality and our natural urges, and the sun is thought to rule vitality and our sense of individuation.
The energy of the sun is a fuel that we need (or I do anyway) to feel vitalized and powerful, it acts as an individual battery and signifies power and talent. Within the individual, the creative and self are given freedom and assertion.