Day 215 ….Clear as Mud

8×10 oils

Sunny and beautiful today for my view from 1502 today. I hope each of you had a similar experience. I am quite my happiest when I can “grub” as my grandma called it. Today we prefer to tag it “landscaping”.

I had a conversation with (who else) one of my kids. We will refer to her as #3 since birth places her there (by one minute anyway!) I was thinking about this blog, and my art (it occupies a lot of my time and thoughts). I made the comment about being 215 days into this project, and not sure that I have gotten any closer some of my goals. Others, I am confident that I have.

In the scheme of things, what does it mean? I guess the best way to put words to this is by saying, I am glad that I have pursued this goal and that I have managed to keep myself disciplined and producing. I feel as though I have found a couple of areas that I am ready to work-in a more concentrated and detailed manner.

I feel very comfortable in the surreal genre, even though I get frustrated at my time constraint to “finish” a piece. Maybe when I hit the finish line (and take a break!!) I can organize my pieces and look at how the work has evolved, and what strengths and weaknesses I need to push harder to improve. Honestly, it is very difficult to avoid hitting a stride and wanting to crank out what comes easy and without a lot of work. But, I only hurt myself when I do this.