Day 212 .. A bit of soul searching

8×10 oils

I know that I owe you guys some serious blog effort, and that I have not yet caught up on that debt either. After sitting in front of a computer all day, it is extremely difficult follow through with this portion of my art.

To start, I will confess, lately I have been beating myself up repeatedly concerning my methods and genre hopping. But, someone (oldest daughter) reminded me that this whole process is the opportunity that I have never allowed myself the luxury of pursuing. What do I mean? I mean that I have never spent as much time and effort solely on the pursuit of creating, or experimenting and exploring artistically. I seem to forget that too easily and too often. Why is that I wonder?

One thing I have learned about myself and my art is that I can not, nor will I ever be able to stay in one mode overly long. My art is way more an emotional responses than I ever realized. Is that a bad thing? I honestly couldn’t say. But, what I can say is that this: I am challenged and some days it is so damn hard, will I ever regret it? NO WAY!