Day 203………and a brief catch you up


Hello everyone.
I know it has been a very long time since I have taken time to write anything. I am very sorry for this. hopefully, after I explain you will forgive me. I have been “through the ringer” as my grandmother would have said. I got one of the bugs going around an upper respiratory infection. But, it did not stop there. Before I knew it I had bronchitis. Now, you are thinking ok, that really sucks, right? and it does. But do I  stop there? nooooo…..I wind up with Asthma induced Bronchitis. Or something with a  similar title. Either way, it has been rough! I have been on breathing treatments and meds, and shots, and inhalers and cough syrup.
So, you are thinking that the story ends here right? Nope. My last day to rest up and conserve energy before my big back to work day………and now my darling hubby has this crazy bug. Yes, it is completely and unfortunately true. We spent several hours this evening in the after hours clinic (hmmm… I get the name) he had to have a breathing treatment before we left, because his oxygen level was so low, and then we were off and running toward phase 2- the pharmacy. Sigh* (we all know why I am sighing here).
It was 8:30 before I got the poor guy home and doped up with all his meds, the dogs fed, me fed, everything organized and put away. ( is a woman’s work ever finished?) 
Did the art suffer? Oh, most definitely it has. My kids are referring to this time as my “hyped up on drugs” period. ha ha.
I wonder if there is a fumigating service out there that would come and give my home a once over?
If any of you know someone with this horrible stuff, please relay my condolences, and wishes for recovery.